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the city that never sleeps

Landed in New York a few hours ago, after a pretty much perfect travel day from coast to coast. (California to NYC). It's 1:45 am, but really only 10:45 pm in my brain, so here we are.

We got to our hotel (Tha Manhattan Club) around 11:00, and walked over to Carnagie Deli. Took a few photos along the way.

Beautiful green door on some random corner.

I adore the visual goodness of this city.

I dont know what this place is, but I'm going back.

The food was pretty gross actually, but it was the only thing open. (Apparently the city DOES sleep. (Let me actually tell you what we had: fried chicken with waffles and dried cranberries and bacon and whipped cream. That is NOT how it was described in the menu. Haha. Anyway, Love this city. Gonna do a daily photo post for the next 5 days. I'm pretty sure there will be a LOT of photos. Consider this a warm-up if you will. Day zero.

Crappy Photo, but I'm on my phone and it's late.

Cakes at Carnagie Deli


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