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Hi. I'm Coco.  

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Designer, creative director, founder of Deluxemodern, since 2006.


Bossy. Aries. Pink. California. Not in that order. 

I am highly committed to your brand happiness, and do everything in my power to make sure your design leaves you feeling overjoyed every time you see it. Good design breeds happiness. And confidence. We want you to have both. 

My favorite thing about working with clients is their reaction to seeing their design for the first time. It never gets old. Some cry (really) some type in all caps, there is a lot of LOVE LOVE LOVE in their emails, and many, many exclamation points. This makes me happy because it means they're happy. 

It also means we did the work up front and created the exact feeling

they wanted. Sometimes without them even knowing what they wanted.

Does it happen every time? Pretty much.   

I also work with clients on their interiors. I offer virtual and real life interior styling, room staging, prop styling and photo styling. I love bringing fresh energy to a space, and creating a whole mood.

This goes hand in hand with brand strategy and design, and details are quite literally everything. People notice. 


Favorite things: Fondue, champagne, all things french, all things southern, and throwing a party at a moment's notice. Pajamas and cocktail rings are my outfit of choice, and I have an extensive collection of both. (I wear them together).  

Professional things: I've designed product lines that can be found all over the US, have been featured in books, magazines and on blogs,  have been a speaker on CreativeLive (twice), have started my own product lines, and have worked with big name sponsors on interior projects. I have a good time. 

That's plenty about me. Your turn. Get in touch. 

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