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Deluxemodern is a boutique creative studio specializing in brand identity design, package design, interior services, prop + photo styling. We've been fussing over details for over 15 years (well, our whole lives really), and have loved every minute of it. We work with our clients remotely worldwide, and specialize in salons, spas, interior designers, restaurants, bakeries, retail, wedding professionals, photographers, real estate agents, and many (many) others.

We'd love to work with you too. 

"Coco is an amazingly talented designer and branding specialist.  She has completely rebranded our company with 7 new logos and given a new look and vibe to the company as a whole. Along with branding, she has developed graphic art on multiple product formats for us. We have even licensed art from her to use on product.


Not only is Coco delightfully talented, she is very open and easy to work with. I happily recommend her." 

Patricia DiGiovanni, President, Santa Barbara Design Studio

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